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          - JQ Series  Hammers

          - JT Series  Hammers

          - JM Series  Hammers

          (no foot valve style)

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          - JQ Series  Hammers

          - JT Series  Hammers

          - JM Series  Hammers

          (no foot valve style)

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Shock Absorber

for DTH Hammer


JUCON Casing Advancement System (Extend-Shrink Bit)


JOSYM Concentric
Overburden Drilling System

JODEX Eccentric Overburden Drilling System

Reverse Circulation Hammer/Bit


          (JRC Series  Hammers)

     Parts List

          (JRC Series  Hammers)

     RC Overburden Drilling


Utility Pole Drill
JMH Multi-Hammer

Large Diameter

Drill Pipes

    Screw Rod

     Shroud Rod


Hexagonal Joints


Large Diameter Drilling


Foundation Drilling   Equipment





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 - Φ610mm Steel Tube Piles

    for a Highway Bridge Foundation, Finland

 - JT415 18" Hammer

 - 240H Shock Absorber

 - 240H Hexagonal Joints etc

 - Jetties on the Red Sea, Eritrea, Africa

 - JT490 22" Hammer

 - 22", 26" bits



         1" - 60 "

         IR, Mission, Sandvik, Numa, Atlas Copco and Halco styles



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